FINALLY, the long wait is OVER and we have the first of its kind, the FITNESS MANAGEMENT COURSE is now LIVE!

"AND it is UNLIKE anything out there in the market today. WHY??


Dear Friend,

Have you ever taken a COURSE in any kind of Skill Development (coding, marketing, accounting etc.)? 

Most likely you have. You will then know the Seriousness and Commitment that comes with trying to LEARN, PRACTICE & APPLY that skill in a given amount of time. The constant engagement it creates, by way of a concrete STRUCTURE, a FRAMEWORK involving proper content for learning, relevant assignments and tests keeps you on TRACK & provides an exact MEASURE for the progress you make along the way. And once you complete a course, you are equipped with knowledge that you can repeatedly use WHENEVER needed.

BUT have you ever heard of FITNESS as a SKILL?

Probably NOT!

Because, there has never been that structure around traditional fitness programs to successfully package it as a skill that can be learned and applied repeatedly so that your fitness is under your CONTROL.

Well then, you are about to witness a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in how fitness and weight management is made a reality for you!

I am going to offer you the EXACT ROUTE to fitness and weight loss through a guided program spread over 5 weeks!

AND it is UNLIKE anything you have seen before.

WHY ???



Here are my Before & After pics to prove how very well this works!

I have repeatedly used this system to lose my weight when I was at my biggest… I have kept my weight off extremely well…. Bounced back from TWO pregnancy weight gains of 50LBs each time!!! Kept myself from suffering from exercise related injuries… And recovered from daily aches and pains in almost no time!  

AND BEST YET…you will witness ME losing weight & shaving off inches RAPIDLY in front of your eyes while I apply these principles to myself throughout the period of the 5 week course! You will become a part of my journey.

SEEING is after all BELIEVING…

For the first time I am giving you FULL access to my PERSONAL recipe for weight and inch loss that I have used over & over and it has never failed me!

All of us want to look like the mean muscular ripped trainers that appear in the pics slapped onto the fitness videos, online training programs, magazine covers etc…But have you ever been part of their journeys to know EXACTLY what it is that they do to get like that??? 

The PROBLEM with existing Fitness Programs ...

  • Unrealistic pictures and claims that lead to unrealistic expectations about OVERNIGHT success.
  • NO real person to understand or answer your questions personally and in real time.
  • You are one of the thousands that are FOLLOWING but hardly LEARNING the process.
  • You are ALONE in it. You have kept finding ways to stay motivated else you fall out and disappear.
  • There is ZERO accountability and you have NO REAL & MEASURABLE GOALS you are striving to meet.
  • You experience INJURIES & GIVE UP because you don’t have anyone or a community to discuss them with.

I Want To CHANGE How Things Are DONE!


I will provide you with a step-by-step guided coaching program that makes your dreams about weight loss and inch loss come true! It will be GROUND BREAKING and will aim at completely changing you at your CORE. You will experience FUNDAMENTAL changes in the way you look & feel about fitness, weight loss, eating and lifestyle!.

Introducing ...

[5ToFit – Fitness Revolution Course]


  • A 5-week long, complete step-by-step guided course with ME as your designated COACH.
  • It is administered online as a hands-on, real-time SKILL development course. The skills are learned and applied right away to start the transformation. All online contents are available even after completion of the course.
  • There are 5 modules delivered over a period of 5 weeks to develop long term HABITs that will be really hard to break.
  • Every module is designed to be fully ENGAGING with daily assignments to complete and have targeted goals to meet.
  • Utilize real-time coaching classes, video-based content as well as downloadable content to MAXIMIZE all avenues of learning.
  • Ample MODIFICATIONS suitable for beginner, moderately active & highly active individual fitness levels.
  • Provide ACCOUNTABILITY & MOTIVATION tools to keep you challenged and on track on a DAILY basis.
  • BEST PART…It requires 10 to 20 minutes of your time daily from absolutely ANYWHERE, so it barely interferes with your BUSY schedule. NO MORE EXCUSE!

* THE RESULST YOU can expect, IF YOU COMPLETE the course *

  • Product Benefit #1 – Lose up to 4 dress sizes or more.
  • Product Benefit #2 – More than Triple your Stamina & physical Strength.
  • Product Benefit #3 – Significantly improve Sleep.
  • Product Benefit #4 – Exponentially REDUCE aches and pains.
  • Product Benefit #5 – Completely alter LIFESTYLE and HABITs to maintain weight loss
  • Product Benefit #6 – Develop real LOVE for EXERCISE & EATING RIGHT for yourself & for your FAMILY.
  • And Many More ….


Bobbie lost 14lbs. in 5 weeks.

See What REAL PEOPLE that have trained with me have to SAY..

Thanks Puja, this is absolutely perfect!! You’ve really done a lot for us. I know this must take an awful lot of time and dedication. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it. Your program has worked way beyond my expectations and it’s blown my mind how quick I’m getting results. Something I’ve been wanting to do, but for some reason, haven’t for a few years now, but you made me feel welcome and comfortable in your group. You also made it FUN, highly ENCOURAGING & constantly CHALLENGING. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I think you’re a fitness genius :) 

- Bobbie Gehrke

I have taken several classes from other places, but Pooja's focus on form made a huge difference. I am able to do push ups now, which I was never able to do before due to shoulder issues. She also taught me how to do a proper surya namskar that helps my migraines. Thanks a bunch Puja.

- Vidyodhaya Sundaram

"Puja's personal training classes have helped me cure some of my chronic health issues like High Blood Pressure and Joint Aches. My shoulder which was frozen for sometime could be relaxed through some of the exercises she taught me. I feel awesome and thanks to her I am getting good compliments from my friends on my looks too."

- Angira Dey

"The workout routines WORK!!"

- Cris Shockley

"Easy to follow, yet challenges the body and mind. I can do my workout anywhere and not limited to a gym."

- Emily Whitman


  • It is NOT another training program with a bunch of exercises.
  • It does NOT involve any calorie counting.
  • It is NOT another FAD diet.
  • It is NOT another quick fix plan to trigger a short term weight loss.
  • It is NOT another DVD program to try on your OWN.
  • It does NOT involve hours of working out and relying on extreme DIETs.

IF All This Sounds Exciting & Gets your Heart Pumping...

Then I have GOOD News For You...

The limited edition for this 5 week training course -

5ToFit: Fitness Revolution

has been launched...


FOR ONLY $97 ($599 Orig.)

By Clicking The Button above you agree to the Terms.

Below is a SNEAK PEEK into a handful TOPICS among MANY others that are covered in the 5 weeks….

–  TOP 5 MUST know FOUNDATIONAL exercises
–  Prevent the TOP 3 exercise related INJURIES
–  Triple your STAMINA in 3 STEPS
–  Increase BONE DENSITY to appear TONED!
–  Correct your POSTURE through exercise ALONE!
–  How to perform a SELF massage
–  TOP 3 ways to eat to BURN FAT every single day
–  HYDRATION – How to do it right
–  Top DIET myths busted. It will CHANGE you
–  Calorie SHIFTING over Calorie COUNTING
–  Top foods to stabilize your HORMONES.
–  Restaurant eating GUIDANCE





What Are You Thinking?

 YAY / NAY or a nagging MAYBE?

I can think of a few reasons why you might lean towards a MAYBE or even a NAY...
Lets break it down here & see if I can help change it to a resounding "YAY"!

1. You have NOT read the content ENTIRELY...
I can see why...Its TOO LONG :) In today's twitter age, who has the time to read? Well, but think about this, if I put this much time in explaining WHAT I want to bring to you, there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that I would spend a LOT MORE time in getting you where you want to go...

2. This is probably another SALES pitch...
 Again, it is understandable! BUT there is only ONE way to find out if its a real person behind all this. Send me an email or text & find out! I am CERTAIN you can distinguish between a real person's response from an AUTO-generated one :)

I hope the response will help you gauge the level of SINCERITY & COMMITMENT!

3. You feel like you ARE already fit or fit enough...
Did you know this was the NUMBER 2 reason people give when they refuse a program? WHY? Because you are too COMFORTABLE doing what you are DOING today…BUT like any other field, there is always room to LEARN & GROW! I will be the first ONE to admit that I learn a NEW thing every single day & I want to share that knowledge with YOU…
Perhaps you desire to pick up a sport, do well in it, pick up dancing or anything that is physically demanding. How would you like to develop appropriate inner strength to ALMOST attempt anything?
Don't be afraid to PUSH yourself out of your COMFORT ZONE for unprecedented results...

4. You are afraid you are not in any SHAPE to try this now...
Well, here is your #1 reason for people to back out! NOW, ask yourself this, HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO SAY THIS TO YOURSELF and prevent yourself from ACHIEVING YOUR DREAM FITNESS???

BEGINNERS or EXPERTS… there is a level to challenge each of you at YOUR own level of fitness. BEST PART…you are not intimidated because there aren't a 100 eyes on you like when you are at a GYM :)


5. HOW can it be taught ONLINE…Seems unrealistic

Here is a simple exercise for you…COUNT THE NUMBER OF HOURS YOU SPEND ON THE INTERNET today…NOW how much of it is searching & learning about new things? SO WHY IS IT ANY DIFFERENT FROM LEARNING ABOUT WAYS TO KICK UP & KEEP UP YOUR FITNESS ?

Technology today, makes it not only simple but AMAZING if used with intention to break boundaries of all kinds and get you what you want.

6.You think its going to be EXPENSIVE..

Here is another exercise : Calculate the amount of money & time you spend on your self today…The answers I mostly get are either: NOT MUCH AT ALL or WAY TOO MUCH :)
Now think of a number that represents WHAT is your PHYSICAL & MENTAL fitness is worth to you? Where you able to put a number to it?

Let me tell you that this course is NEITHER cheap NOR expensive, its an INVESTMENT! and a ONE TIME INVESTMENT to pick up priceless HABITS for life.

Does that help?


Enrollment is Now OPEN!!


Main Product

  • Weekly Video Workouts
  • Weekly Diet Charts
  • Weekly Fitness Tests
  • Downloadable material

5 Q&A Sessions (LIVE) with me.

5 Coaching Classes(LIVE) with me.

Support System










By Clicking The Button above you agree to the Terms.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two weeks with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Puja Mukherjee


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