This is my story...

Who am I?

It took a long while for me to answer this simple question! BUT I finally did figure it out…I think :)

Well more like, I figured out “What I wanted to do with my life”. Simply put “I WANT TO HELP OTHERS”.

Then there was the obvious question, “HOW???”… What is the one thing that I was good at...

After years of trying to find the answer to the Second question, I lost track of time and didn’t help a SINGLE soul. And that was frustrating.

Then I took the FIRST STEP towards my purpose...

I started with HELPING myself! CHARITY starts at HOME and there is a reason that it is true…

Till I knew how to help myself, I didn’t know HOW to help anyone else.

HOW did I help myself??? HERE is HOW...

My journey started as an ordinary one…Did well with education, found a good job, married the BEST ever GUY… travelled a lot, ate the finest foods, bought a house/car, stayed fit and looked good...

WHAT more could I want, RIGHT?

All of the above achievements only provided momentary stimulation and then it was onto the next thing to achieve...

Well it all lead to a STATUS QUO. And that was the problem!

I needed to find sustainable Stimulation and Satisfaction…Because I believed Life was way way more than just this.

We then, got pregnant with our FIRST CHILD. And just like that, the meaning of life and living was beyond different. It wasn’t about me anymore. I wanted to do everything in my power to be a reasonably good parent.

BUT that was HARD WORK! Emotionally as well as physically.

I was NOT prepared by any means for the challenge (as much as I had believed that I was).

First came the whacky hormones, then the whopping 50 LBS of weight gain. Fatigue & Soreness that was unbelievable considering how fit I was before as well as during the pregnancy.

And then the worst of all, I was hit with DEPRESSION because I wasn’t sure what I would do about it all.

Here is how I appeared then...

One of those days, I hit the TURNING POINT!

I shut out every thought in my head and decided, I HAD TO HELP

MYSELF GET OUT OF THIS FEELING. Not for myself but for the


I decided I had to devise a plan to gain my mental and physical strength back and double it up to enjoy every bit of my life as a new MOM...

There was very little time left for almost everything. So I needed a plan that would adapt to this incredibly busy life I suddenly had. The plan was to go through a complete LIFESTYLE change.

I was suddenly SO THRILLED to have this baby!

I was lucky to have a smooth enough delivery. But the hormones still were all over the place. Postpartum depression often sneaked its way in no matter how hard I tried to stay positive and focused.

But I was relentless through it all. I HAD TO MAKE IT WORK!

Again not for me, but for my family now more than ever!

It took a while to adjust to the lifestyle change but then it started to bear the fruits of my effort with ENORMOUS support of my family.

And within months of persevering, I had it under control...

I started taking notes of the changes I was implementing not only for me BUT now was applying it to MY FAMILY. One by one each of us started to experience a huge shift in their attitude towards getting and staying FIT!

I had twice the energy now and I was loving every bit of my life and child!

THEN another big event… We were expecting our SECOND child in less than 2 years of our FIRST...

Another roller coaster moment…considering how much of an adjustment in terms of time & energy it was the first time around, it was scary to live through it a second time. What HELPED us through the second time was our ATTITUDE alone.

We knew we could DO IT with the right support from the family and bounce back even quicker this time around.

So we took the PLUNGE and had our second gorgeous baby.

THIS time there was ZERO DEPRESSION... I had a plan that had already worked. I JUST NEEDED TO PERFECT IT!

I decided this time not only will I do it, but I will do it with a BUNCH of like minded people that were ready to be a part of my journey…

So I started 5toFit…a fitness program that challenges the body and mind to elevate individual fitness levels, several notches higher.

My transformation was amazing this time around and super quick (within 3 months)...

I had suddenly found my CALLING…I wanted to share my knowledge of fitness with others and help even if in the smallest way possible.

I STARTED my own venture, FitAttitude. Changing people’s mindset and helping them transform their lifestyles to become self-aware while taking their fitness & strength to a level never known to them before!

I am now a full time mom with two kids and a Fit Lifestyle coach…AND I LOVE MY JOB…




AND THAT MY FRIENDS is the sustainable stimulation & satisfaction, I have craved all my life.

I know this will be a journey where there will be no end to learning. I might fail sometimes but I will not GIVE UP.

SO talk to me today so we can find the perfect plan for YOU & gain control of your health & fitness.

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