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Sathya's Journey

For years I have been struggling with weight loss in the past 13 years. I was successful a few times in losing weight but keeping it off was big challenge. The weight kept coming back. Then I came across Puja and thought I should give one last try with a trainer and I am really glad that I did.

The best part of working out with Puja is it is so much fun! She does not create cookie-cutter workout for everyone. She listens to what her client has to say and then tailors each workout specific to the fitness needs of her client. She is also easily accessible at all times by text or phone. Whenever I have felt stuck in the middle of my workout, I always reached out to her for advise. She has always been very prompt to get back to me.  

I really like the tips she has given like calorie shifting and short bursts of effective exercises. I feel they have made a huge difference in quickly shedding the weight. Since her routines are very short they are easily doable even if you have just 10 to 20 minutes a day. She also takes a lot of effort to get recipes that are easy and healthy. All this makes it easy to develop a healthier lifestyle without a ton of time commitment.  

I also like that she sets up challenges and small goals from one week to another so that you are always driven to workout and meet these milestones. It gives you a sense of achievement.  

Most importantly she always comes in with a smile, which is a big factor for me to have in a trainer. I have lost 10 pounds and 8 inches overall since I started working with her. I look forward to continue working out with her and encourage anyone who is at a loss about their weight loss to join her and see what a difference it makes.

Sathya lost 10lbs. and 8 inches...

Bobby's Journey

"Thanks Puja, this is absolutely perfect!! You’ve really done a lot for us. I know this must take an awful lot of time and dedication. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it. Your program has worked way beyond my expectations and it’s blown my mind how quick I’m getting results. Something I’ve been wanting to do, but for some reason, haven’t for a few years now, but you made me feel welcome and comfortable in your group. You also made it FUN, highly ENCOURAGING & constantly CHALLENGING. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I think you’re a fitness genius :)"

Bobby lost 14lbs. in 5 weeks

Monica's amazing recovery from a fall.

Monica lost 6 dress sizes since she started working out.

More Opinions from satisfied customers

      Angira Dey, Fremont

"Puja's personal training classes have helped me cure some of my chronic health issues like High Blood Pressure and Joint Aches. My shoulder which was frozen for sometime could be relaxed through some of the exercises she taught me. I feel awesome and thanks to her I am getting good compliments from my friends on my looks too."


Vidyodhaya Sundaram, Saratoga

"I have taken several classes from other places, but Pooja's focus on form made a huge difference. I am able to do push ups now, which I was never able to do before due to shoulder issues. She also taught me how to do a proper surya namskar that helps my migraines. Thanks a bunch Puja."

Emily Whitman, Castro Valley

"Easy to follow, yet challenges the body and mind. I can do my workout anywhere and not limited to a gym."

Cris Shockley, Union City

"The workout routines WORK!!"

Rajani Nair, Milpitas

"Puja is passionate about making you strong and helps you believe in yourself."

Debi Banerjee, Fremont

"Power packed exercises.Non repetitive and great coaching."

Augustina "Gus" Arellano, Pacifica

"It's fantastic. Love the vibe and how positive it is."

Monica Sinha, Fremont

"Puja was amazing helping me recover from a bad fall from the staircase. I had severe low back pain, stiffness and swelling; couldnt sleep comfortably on the bed BUT with her simple exercises to relieve the aching muscles, she got me agile and flexible once again in less than a week. I can now squat, lunge and do the plank with ease ! Exercising now has become fun, and i'm improving my form with each passing day. Thank you Puja !"

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